What is Ikan Teri?

ikan teri - dried anchovies

Ikan teri – dried anchovies

Ikan teri is Indonesian language for anchovy fish, mostly sold in the market in the form of dried anchovies. They are often used in Indonesian cuisines.

Ikan teri is a group of small fish in the Engraulidae family members. It’s scientific name is Stolephorus. This name covers a variety of fish with a silver body with greenish or bluish color.

Although members of Engraulidae can have a maximum length of 23 cm, the name of Ikan teri is usually given to the anchovy fish with a maximum length of 5 cm.

In order to prevent osteoporosis everyone needs as much as 1 gram of calcium per day.
Calcium needs can be obtained from anchovy fish that is widely available in Indonesia. It is one of the best sources of calcium to prevent bone loss.

Ikan teri is a source of calcium that is resistant and not easily soluble in water. The best part of the fish as a source of calcium is the bones. So it’s not just meat.
Actually all of fish can be a source of calcium, but because the bones in fish, other than ikan teri, big and hard, it is not possible for consumption. While the bones of ikan teri is soft and good to eat.

It was even told that because ikan teri contains quite high fluorine, with just 5 grams of ikan teri consumption for twice a week, you will have healthy teeth.

The minerals found in fish are highly bioavailable, meaning they are easily absorbed by the body. And combining by eating the bones, it gives higher intakes of minerals such as calcium, phosphorous and fluorine.

As with any other food, eat good, nutritious food, just not too much of it. Eat well and balance your diet.

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